GAOLI Hair Trimmer for Men, Women and baby, Effortlessly Trim Pesky Hair.Barber Supplies,Cordless, Waterproof Wet &Body Shaver,Dry Clippers, USB Rechargeable

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Product size: 177*53*43mm
Blade hardness material : Precision stainless steel blade
 120 mins Charging time:1.5 hours
Speed trimming : 6000RPM
Precise length setting from 1mm to 20mm,2 guide combs

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TRIM THE WAY YOU WANT TO:  whether you shave in or out of the shower, The Trimmer is ready for action. It's shock-proof and waterproof, all while housed in a cordless to increase comfort and maneuverability. It's easier to trim in the shower, as the water washes away your trimmings, makes it easier to cut Back hair/Chest hair/Pubic hair. It's ideal to get one that can survive a splash. It also comes with 2 x Adjustable Guide Combs (Precise length setting from 1mm to 20mm) to give you full choices on your style and comfort.When fully charged, it's good for 120 minutes of uninterrupted trimming.

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GROOM PAINLESSLY WITH THESE 3 TIPS: cleanse the area to soften hair, then pull your skin tight (especially down there) while trimming to avoid nicks. Remember The Trimmer should be used flat side down and parallel to the skin.
FEEL FRESH & CONFIDENT: our high-performance Trimmer was designed to remove the coarsest of hairs from below-the waist to all over the body - and it can be used by men and women.
Trim Your Body with Confidence: Men deserve to tend to your own bodily gardens, get your own equipment to save your blushes and make you look presentable as possible. Our body trimmer for men comes with a quick start guide - Pull your skin tight and cut slowly and steady when you trim the sensitive area.


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  • Specifications:

    Model : GL-95505

    Input:100-240V ,50/60Hz  Output: 5v,1000mAh

    800mAh Li-ion battery

    LED digital display


    Our products are designed to meet the highest standard of quality, functionality and design. We hope you enjoy using your new appliance. Please read the instructions for use carefully and keep in a safe place for future reference.



    1. Micro shaver

    2.Design trimmer

    3.Nose trimmer

    4.U-blade trimmer

    5.T-blade trimmer

    6.Clean brush

    7.Lubricating oil

    8.Stand base

    9.Adjustable wheel

    10.On/off switch

    11.Charge interface

    12.Guide comb (1#)

    13.Guide comb(2#)


    Nose Hair Trimmer
    Hair Trimmer for Men
    Multifunctional Trimmer Hair
    Hair Clipper
    Hair Trimmer & Clipper
    Home Use Hair Clipper
    Professional Hair Trimmer