GAOLI Lightweight Hair Dryer with lovely styling, 2000 W, Pink &White,Mobel-92106

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Products size: 250*170*70mm
Power: 1800-2200w 220V -240Vac ,50/60HZ
2 levels setting :  OFF/LOW/HIGH
Cool shot button
Overheating protection
Hang-up loop
With 1 nozzle

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800x800 asf

SMALL BUT POWERFUL: Powerful 2000 W mid-size dryer for fast efficient styling.This Hair Dryer can be used to style all different types of hair, from short and curly to long and sculptured.Removable, easy clean ceramic ionic grille for even heat and anti-static .With overheat protection function. This hair dryer is fitted with a special thermal cut-out safety device to protect you from the device over heating.

LONIC CONDITIONING :  Produces 90% more ions for a frizz free shine helping you create a super sleek blow dry with a serious shine, your hair will look healthy with this dryer. Whether you’re creating a bouncy blow-dry, a super sleek style or simply blasting your hair dry, this setting helps to protect the hair from excessive high heat

EASY TO TAKE:Portable and lightweight, make it easy to take everywhere. Use when traveling, business trips, holidays, overnight stays, and weekenders. The hair dryer is a perfect gift for anyone who travels. Stock up and buy TWO--one for you and one for a friend.

Instructions For Use

Towel dry and detangle hair.
Plug the appliance into a suitable mains socket.
Ensure the voltage to be used corresponds with the voltage selected on the appliance.
Select the required heat and speed settings.
After use, switch off and unplug the appliance.
Allow to cool before storing away.
Note:IMPORTANT! Always keep the rear of the appliance away from the hair during use, to prevent it being drawn in through the rear air filter.

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800x800 fsa
800x800 asf
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  • Specifications:

    Model : GL-95505

    Input:100-240V ,50/60Hz  Output: 5v,1000mAh

    800mAh Li-ion battery

    LED digital display


    Our products are designed to meet the highest standard of quality, functionality and design. We hope you enjoy using your new appliance. Please read the instructions for use carefully and keep in a safe place for future reference.



    1. Micro shaver

    2.Design trimmer

    3.Nose trimmer

    4.U-blade trimmer

    5.T-blade trimmer

    6.Clean brush

    7.Lubricating oil

    8.Stand base

    9.Adjustable wheel

    10.On/off switch

    11.Charge interface

    12.Guide comb (1#)

    13.Guide comb(2#)


    Nose Hair Trimmer
    Hair Trimmer for Men
    Multifunctional Trimmer Hair
    Hair Clipper
    Hair Trimmer & Clipper
    Home Use Hair Clipper
    Professional Hair Trimmer