A man’s hairstyle reveals his password

While women's hairstyles are more influenced by fashion trends, men's hairstyles tend to be more true to their inner sense of who they are and in tune with their personality. A hairstyle that is ultimately "chosen" reflects the self-image a person strives to present to others -- his attitude toward himself and others. So, as every smart woman knows, we can read a man's heart through his hair.


Style 1; Tough guy type
Hair style: It's short, looks simple and easy to manage.
Personality traits: Overall, they are intensely masculine and believe in themselves, so they feel comfortable doing everything by themselves, controlling and controlling everything. They are charismatic and have strong organizational skills and leadership skills.

Style 2: Sunny big boy
Hairstyle characteristic: stiff and straight medium short hair
Personality traits: Outwardly quiet, but often have some unique ideas in mind. Do things according to their own liking, consider things simple and lack of thorough planning, but frank and straightforward personality often make m


Style 3: Romantic artist type
Hairstyle characteristic: medium long hair or curly hair
Personality traits: Most of the characters are between traditional and modern, namely, implicit and bold, eager for success. They pursue the philosophy of freedom and individualism, and even extreme in their words and deeds. They are self-conscious, often unable to listen to others and eager to control others.

Style 4: Mature man
Hair style: Smooth short hair
Personality characteristics: they are steady, tolerant, do things have galloping degree, good at speaking of all arrangements in life in an orderly way, but also can their principles and actual life to deal with people admire. Occasionally, it is difficult to maintain oneself in the moment of emotional outburst. After all, mature people also need to release the pressure appropriately.


Style 5: Delicate lover type
Hairstyle characteristic: fashionable with wave medium short curvy hair
Personality traits: The man who likes this kind of hairstyle is sensitive to fashion, cares about his external image, and cares about the recognition and acceptance of the outside world. Treat life, most of the time, can adjust and change yourself according to the objective reality. They will actively lead their own life to achieve their own requirements for everything.
Style 6: An afro or large bald head

Style 6: An afro or large bald head
Personality traits: Men who like this kind of hair style generally have a strong desire to express themselves, hoping to attract more attention and get the attention of others. They often speak their mind, have their own unique views and understanding of everything, and will stick to their own positions.


Post time: Apr-24-2022