Review: Meridian’s electric body hair trimmer is for everyone

If you are an adult and have not gotten rid of pubic hair during a laser hair removal procedure for most of your 20 years, you have pubic hair. And so are we! Pubic hair is just a part of life man, we each have our own way of getting the look we want. Full bush? Damn, come on. Landing strip? Modern classic! Can’t see hair? You and Kate Winslet have something in common. Maybe you’re just shaving your pubic hair for sex and vacations, or maybe you’ve tried new hatches. everything is fine!
The reality is that whether you’re a cis brother, a lipstick-wearing lesbian, a transgender, or a non-binary gay, pubic hair needs to be looked after. There is no shortage of brush care products on the market, from “fur oil” to home waxing kits. But Meridian stands out.
Meridian started out as a brand helping men keep things under control with their signature ultra-safe electric trimmer that makes trimming as easy as trimming the sides of your hair. But the trimmer works so well that customers quickly discover that it’s equally comfortable regardless of your gender or body type – which is why the new era of Meridian proves that good pussy care works for anyone and everyone, “regardless of gender, race, orientation. , care preferences, favorite sports team… well, you get the idea,” the brand description reads.
Frankly, we agree – when it comes to what your signature does “above your head, below or in your” hole, no one should be in charge. Trimmed, bushy, or slightly curved into a bold upside-down cross, your bush looks like your own.
Meridian sent me his trimmer (in a chic shade of Sage, no less) and I immediately understood why it was becoming a cult favorite. In addition to being sleek and comfortable, it has several trimmer lengths (Bare, Buzz and Bush, LOL) and an anti-notch blade, the perfect width for traversing artisanal turf. It’s also water resistant if, like me, you insist on soaking it in for as long as possible. I have very sensitive skin and I always thought an electric trimmer would ruin it, but now I’m sure I don’t have to bring a razor without a sheath dangerously close to my ear every few days. Booz, booz! The shave is very close.
Moreover, this material is almost impossible to hurt, but it shaves so well that you immediately feel ~*~soft skin~*~. I also tried it on my ankles and found it to be great for clearing those hard to reach places that my Venus loves to shred. I also appreciate that, unlike many women’s razors, it’s not pink, ridiculous, or overly gendered. If I had a sleek male partner that I could comfortably share a pubic hair trimmer with, this would definitely be our choice.
Everyone deserves their dream bush, whether it’s 70′s-inspired blooming flowers or just plain curly flowers. You do you – do it without razor burn.
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Post time: Nov-14-2022