Tips for extending the life of your hair clippers


Spending a lot of money on a set of hair clippers is one thing, but if you don't put some time in for maintenance too, it'll be money wasted. But don't let that scare you, maintaining your hair clippers isn't the same as being asked to open up the bonnet of a BMW and fix what's going wrong under the hood. Just by doing some basic things you can ensure years of faithful service.
When you buy a set they have a little dusting brush and oil in the kit. It really helps to get a smooth cut if you dust the hair build up off the blade during the cut. And definitely once you’ve finished dust all the hair detritus off and then use a little oil on the blades. If you leave a number of weeks between uses, I would also suggest applying a little oil before you switch them on. Once you’ve turned them on, use the blade adjustment lever to move the blade up and down to allow the oil to move over the full range of the blade. This ensures a smooth cut and protects the blades.

I would also recommend taking the blade off around once every two months and cleaning out the hair that has got trapped inside the hair clipper. Of course,our clippers blade can be removed and washed directly with water. This build up can slow the hair clippers down and make them snag while using.

As long as you keep doing this, the hair clipper will live longer and better give you a haircut .Let’s get on with it !

Post time: Apr-24-2022