How to choose hair clippers?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak began, many men were suddenly forced to adopt a scruffy look or try their hand at cutting hair themselves. Cutting your own or your family’s hair can be nerve-wracking, but a professional trim at home is perfectly achievable with the right equipment.

A good haircut starts with the right tools, and a good hair clipper is a man’s essential grooming tool.

Here’s how to choose the right clipper for you.

1.Choose the right blade

Blade clippers come in different sizes and materials. Blade materials are basically ceramic and steel. Steel blades are the most durable, but heat faster on high-speed motor scissors. In contrast, ceramic blades, while fragile, retain their sharpness longer.

2. Decide whether it’s corded or cordless

Clippers usually come in two configurations: corded and cordless. The corded hair clipper only works when plugged into a socket, and it’s usually more powerful and can last longer because it doesn’t rely on battery exhaustion and death.

Instead, the cordless hair clipper is rechargeable and more flexible. This type can be used anywhere because it doesn’t let you bind to an exit. This is especially handy for people who like to have their hair cut outdoors, so there won’t be so much mess to clean up later. However, you must charge the cordless clipper at all times, or you may not have enough power to complete the procedure.

3.Shear length (comb guide)

 The shape of the trim is influenced by the given guide comb — it can be fixed or adjustable.  This guide turns your hairdresser into a versatile device that not only combs your hair, but also your beard.  Therefore, before buying a clipper, it is important to find out what length you like, whether the length guide is right for you, or whether you need a more versatile clipper.  As a general rule, the more guides the better.  However, with more attached combs, the price of scissors tends to increase.

4.Safe to use at home

I’m sure many of you are having your first clippers at home.Safe and convenient operation is certainly of Paramount importance.For example, this kind of hair clippers from our factory have battery short circuit protection, battery overcharge protection, battery overdischarge protection, motor block protection all four  four protections.Meanwhile, Real constant speed control with patent. 

5.Easy maintenance

Another overlooked but necessary part of the buying process is understanding what kind of maintenance clippers require. The longevity, effectiveness, and efficiency of your scissors all depend on how well you maintain them. Be sure to use the lubricating oil that comes with the equipment to lubricate the equipment. First dust the blade with a brush, then open the scissors and apply oil droplets to the blade surface before use. To avoid excessive lubrication, wipe off excess oil from the leaves before applying it to your hair. After use, remove any residue from your hair with the small brush that came with it.


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Post time: Jul-21-2022